Introduction of Roblox Decal Asset ID [Guide 2022]


You can create decal assets like pictures, avatars, and so on. Creating photographs and uploading them in Roblox can work as a good factor.

You don’t know about Roblox decal asset ID. No worry so, this article is totally for you. Showing your creativity through Roblox might be helpful with the decal process.

This article will show you the complete introduction to Roblox decal asset ID and all about the Roblox decal asset ID.

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Now you can move forward.

What Does Roblox Decal Asset ID Mean?

Imagine you have purchased a new mobile or laptop. What differentiates your computer/mobile from other units? A serial number or a registration number, correct?

When you create a game on Roblox or make an outfit for your use, the specific number you see on the URL of the product is your Asset ID.

Roblox has its method to store images and other stuff. It keeps them using a unique number for each photo, outfit, and avatar. This unique number is your Asset ID.

But for that, you need an account, and if you forget your password for the account, you can get back your lost password using the easy and virus-free Roblox password finder tool.

Information You Need to Know About Decal Asset ID

As I explained earlier, all assets on Roblox use a unique ID linked with a single Roblox account. And the submission procedure is automated. 

After creating an asset ID, you will need only a few minutes to get approval from the moderators. Enough with the basics. 

There are certain things you need to submit. In this part, I am going to discuss them. Let’s jump into the process of the decal. Here is what you need for asset moderation.

1. Images

If you want images in your asset ID, you should upload images in .jpg, .png, .tga or .bmp format. Roblox only utilizes those formats. You can upload images within Roblox studio as textures in the 3D world.

You can upload images in the following way.

  • Go to your Roblox window and click on the View tab.
  • Click on Asset Manager, which is on the toolbar.
  • Select the import button to add images.

2. Meshes

You can upload a physically stimulated object in .fbx or .obj format.

Meshes are the primary constructions unit in Roblox. Any 3D object you create inside the game, like a hat or a firearm considered meshes.

Here is how you can upload meshes.

  • Go to your Roblox window and click on the View tab.
  • Click on Asset Manager, which is on the toolbar.
  • Select the import button and locate your mesh files to upload.

3. Audio

Uploading audio in your Roblox asset can be complicated if you do not have a good idea. I have included the easiest method of uploading audio files to reduce your headache.

Here is how you can manage audio in Roblox asset.

  • Go to your Roblox window and click on the marketplace tab.
  • Select Audio from the menu.
  • Click on the icon beside your search button. That will open the creator field.
  • Type in Roblox in the creator field and select the first result displayed.
  • Adjust the sound length if you have any preference.
  • Click on Apply to save the filtering criteria.
  • Go back to the main panel and search the music genre you want to use.
  • Copy Asset ID by right-clicking on the preferred media file once you have found the optimal one.

Here is how you can upload customized audio.

  • Open the  Asset manager from the view tab in the Roblox window.
  • Click on the import button.
  • Select the audio files from your computer or other devices.
  • Right-click on the item you have just imported and select Copy ID to Clipboard. Select Confirm to complete the importing.

You are all set. Playback testing won’t be an issue if you have completed these steps correctly. Your copied ID will be required for playback testing.

4. Models, Animations, and Videos

These objects are also necessary to decal an asset ID. I will share how you can add them to your asset ID in this part.

Here is how you can upload models/animations/ videos.

  • Copy the animation/ Video ID by right-clicking on the product. Select the three dots (…) you can notice in the upper left corner of the Editor window.
  • Click on Export from the context menu.
  • Choose between creating a new animation/and overwriting an existing one.

You will be able to upload videos or animations with the same process.

5. Packages

Roblox packages allow you to re-use the items you created more than once. The main benefit is, that you don’t have to make items every time you want to use them for different games. 

You can keep the things with the advantage of using them repeatedly. All you have to do is convert your existing objects into a package.

Here is how you can convert objects to packages.

  • Go to your Roblox window and move into the explorer.
  • Select any object by right-clicking on it.
  • Choose the option Convert to package from the menu.
  • Click on the Ownership section and choose between the options for allowing permission for that package.
  • Click on the Submit button.

After completing the steps, a package link menu should be created for all objects.

How to Use Decal Id on Assets?


Having the ideal IDs to use as your asset in Roblox is good. Now it is time to copy the ID and paste it into your Roblox account. Not sure how to do that? Don’t worry.

Here is how you can use a decal ID on your inventory.

  • Go to the Roblox website and log in to your account.
  • Copy the ID from the above.
  • Paste the ID into the URL like this{ID}
  • Type in the numeric code instead of {ID}
  • Click on the Get button to add the item to your collection drawer.

After the decal, you can easily enjoy the item while playing any game.


Throughout this article, I tried to provide the appropriate knowledge you need of decal asset ID in your inventory.

Suppose you have read every word I have put there and acted accordingly. So this article is enough to know about the Roblox asset decal ID. And using this article, you learn all about the asset ID.

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